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Adela Andea - Lux Aeterna

Residence from November 30 to December 17, 2015
Exhibition from December 17, 2015 to February 15, 2016 - Vitrine 7 place du Parlement, Bordeaux

Object of strong symbolic representations in the history of art, the richness of the values which are culturally attached to light is undoubtedly due to its capacity to make the world visible. From Fontana to Munari, from kinetic art to Flavin and Turrell, light - natural or artificial - has since the 1950s become the preferred material for many contemporary artistic practices linked to questions of perception.

With the proliferation of screens in our daily lives, light is today a visual transmission material inherent in new communication technologies. It conveys information and meaning. Based on this observation, Adela Andea offers an interpretation in which she explores the relationship between Nature and technological progress, by questioning the fragile balance between these two entities.

Her sculptural work is based on the coherent assembly of synthetic materials resulting from mass productions, light and colors, thanks to which she recreates the beauty of natural landscapes.

The title of the installation Lux Aeterna refers to a phenomenon present on certain surfaces located at the polar ends of the Moon and which are perpetually exposed to sunlight. This infinitely renewable source of light energy was used to recharge equipment during space exploration in the 1970s.

Electrical sheaths, connection cables, plastic components of all kinds… Adela Andea manipulates and associates each of these elements to form a systemic construction which gives an organic dimension to this artificial environment. An ecosystem made up of plastic and light that makes us explorers of a sensory universe with intense chromaticism born from an ex nihilo creation. An immersive experience in the work that recalls the aesthetic environments of Allan Kaprow, or the abstract and pictorial approach of the use of neon in Keith Sonnier.

Like a powerful marine siphon, these gyres of heterogeneous materials act like vortices that would attract the residues of our society of (over) consumption, questioning the sustainability of human societies, as well as our relationship to the world and to objects, and what will be left of it ...


Adela Andea was born in 1976, in Timisoara in eastern Romania and lives in Houston, Texas. She lived under the oppression of the communist regime of Nicolae Ceausescu and witnessed the Romanian revolution of 1989 which resulted in the fall of the Romanian totalitarian regime.

She began her artistic career as a teenager with the 1994 silver medal at the Shankar International Competition in New Delhi, India. Adela attended Law School in Romania in 2009, then graduated with a Major Promotion from the University of Houston Painting Program and continued her graduate studies in New Media, Art History and Art History. leadership at the University of North Texas.

After moving to the United States in 1999, she participated in numerous exhibitions in California, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida and Texas. Her work has been exhibited at Houston's premier Contemporary Art Fair, the MADI Museum, and the prestigious Art Miami Contemporary Art Fair.
In 2011, she presented a solo exhibition at the Anya Tish Gallery in Houston, as well as at the Cris Worley Fine Arts in Dallas.

Adela Andea is represented by three galleries: Anya Tish Gallery in Houston, Westwood Gallery in New York, and Cris Worley Fine Arts in Dallas.

This exhibition receives support from the City of Bordeaux Creation Aid Fund

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