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Artistic exchange Toulouse / Bordeaux - Part 2/2

BIVOUAC, after shipwreck

A Lieu-Commun exhibition in Zébra3

June 11 to July 11, 2015 - Polarium / Fabrique Pola, 2 rue Marc Sangnier - Bègles

Open Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

+ Saturdays June 13, 20, 27 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

With the works of Gaël Bonnefon, Laurie Charles, Camille Henri Clément, Marie Johanna Cornut, ÎLEMERFROID (Boris Geoffroy / Hugo Lemaire / Antony Lille), Rémi Groussin, Marianne Plo, Manuel Pomar, REGATES & HISTOIRE (S) (Fabrice Poulin / Antony Lille / Romain Simian), Marie Sirgue, Julien Tardieu, Béatrice Utrilla .

Police station Manuel Pomar, Lieu-Commun

The bivouac, a rudimentary camp set up in the middle of nature.

With us, it takes on the carefree attire of leisure during hikes or other improvised campsites. In other regions, the bivouac is more synonymous with survival, a camp set up for hunting or transhumance. There is also in the case of the title of our exhibition, the improvised bivouac. One dependent on an extreme situation where it takes on the importance of survival.

In this exchange with Zébra3 Bordeaux, the Bivouac exhibition is a follow-up to L'Archipel du Rêve , an exhibition by Zébra3 presented in April 2015 at Lieu-Commun. The BIVOUAC, after shipwreck exhibition is an extreme way of “inhabiting” this archipelago. Like the survivors of a shipwreck who would learn to survive day after day, the artist is here under an obligation to build a shelter and to reinvent a future for himself. It is necessary to work with the means of the edge, the debris of the shipwreck and the elements gleaned on the spot.

Echo of the exhibition A New Beginning in Kind (presented at La Station in Nice in November 2013), BIVOUAC, après shipwreck takes up the principle of not adding objects to the world. The works presented in Bordeaux will, for the most part, be part of a recovery process, built on the basis of existing and diverted objects. This principle is almost an “artist run space” signature resulting from a very sharp experience in terms of economy of means. Here we are working in another system of art, almost against the grain, outside the spectacle market and its liberal excesses. Survival in a hostile environment is our daily life and this is reflected in the aesthetics that we defend. There is obviously in subtext a political thought of art oriented towards degrowth and ecology. A 21st century resurgence of arte povera, scrutinized by new technologies.

Of course here, the BIVOUAC is an exhibition, and the shelter becomes an artwork. To avoid any logic and circumvent any aesthetic unity, a body of pre-existing works will complete the device as an illustrative counterpoint of experiences in extreme environments. The works will interact with each other, some being the support of others. The exhibition as a scene animated by his own works.

Young audience workshops

Artistic exchange Bordeaux / Toulouse

In the contemporary art landscape in France, the high visibility, the necessity and the quality of the work of institutional places must not obscure the lasting precariousness of the scene of independent spaces, in particular those managed by artists, associative galleries, structures providing workshops and equipped production spaces.

Alternative places of experimentation and exhibition, they are sometimes real springboards, producing, disseminating, providing unfailing support to emerging but also confirmed artists, activating networking, facilitating the work of locating and irrigating institutional places. .

Zébra3 and Lieu-Commun , two independent structures, actors of radically different scenes, initiate an artistic exchange Bordeaux / Toulouse which aims to make known and recognize their territories and their paths, to reaffirm their commitment to art and to demonstrate the quality. and the ambition of their work.

In the first part, Lieu-Commun invites Zébra3 to present an exhibition of emerging artists from the Aquitaine scene. For the second part, Zébra3 invites Lieu-Commun to present an exhibition of emerging artists from the Midi-Pyrenees scene at the Polarium / Fabrique Pola.

Exhibition programmed as part of Aquitaine en scène and the Metropolitan Summer, and receives the support of Fund to help the creation of the city of Bordeaux

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