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Noise from the fridge - Le Tronc Creux , Peri-urban Refuge # 5 - 2013

Executive production - Eco site du Bourgailh, Pessac

Creation of the peri-urban refuge # 5 Le Tronc Creux , a work / refuge designed by Bruit du frigo as part of the artistic project of the Periurban Refuges .

Natural refuges for many animals, both nests, shelters from the cold or hiding places to escape predators, trunks and hollow trees play an important role in the forest ecosystem. Symbols of life as of death, of protection as of threat, the mystery which surrounds them has always stimulated the imagination of men, inspiring legends and folk tales, serving as habitats for hermits, places of the Sabbath for witches ... The Refuge du Bougailh revisits this emblematic figure of the forest world, and it is precisely on one of the witches' circles, a sort of clearings in the heart of the site, that it is installed. But it takes on a more equivocal character here, also referring to the history of the place, which used to be a dumping ground. The bark which covers it takes the form of crampons, reminiscent of the wheels of compactors, machines used to crush and compact debris. Cylindrical in shape and built around a steel structure clad in wood, it offers a tortuous interior, punctuated by counter-curved volumes.

Reservation for one night (free) on

Access : Liane 4 Beauséjour stop

Sleeps: 9 people

The Tronc Creux is part of a series of shelters spread around Bordeaux. The original idea came up with the project of making a hiking path all around the city, connecting waste land, parks, forests and giving as such the possibility to anyone to make short holidays in its own neighborhood while exploring unknown areas. Aside from the form, the shelters are similar to the ones you can find in mountains. In the Tronc Creux 9 persons can spend a night for free in the forest. No light, no water, only you and your friends or family in this unexpected surrounding right next to your home!

Information and booking (free) on

The Peri-Urban Shelters project is a Bruit du frigo initiative, carried out in collaboration with Zébra3. It is supported and financed by Bordeaux Métropole, with the participation of the host municipalities.

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