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Exhibition from February 18 to April 10, 2016 - Vitrine 7 place du Parlement, Bordeaux

Estelle Deschamp - Mechanism of the discontinuous medium, or Science-Friction explained to my horse

What is first striking in Estelle Deschamp's work is the multiplicity of materials she makes her own: wood, plaster, concrete, tar, foam, plastic, PVC, scraps and rejects of all kinds are associated and combined. in its various sculptural devices. The assemblages that it implements can show remarkable simplicity: accumulation, stacking, stratification, repetitions of patterns at different scales, but can also be associated with more elaborate forms relating to classical ornamentation (marquetry, moldings ...).

Her work shows a spirit of DIY, in the sense that Claude Lévis-Strauss defines it in The Wild Thought : the artist takes what comes to hand and she builds her work according to the opportunities, with the instruments, the tools that it finds and that it appropriates, the contexts on which it is nourished. However, this apparent limitation never hinders the poetics of his pieces, their ability to draw us into a new universe made of free associations and renewed references (architecture, geology, mineralogy, constructivism, science fiction, design, or even pastry …).

We begin to marvel at the materials, we take care of their texture, their suddenly revealed beauty, as if the sum of textures, colors, their rhythm, exceeded their enumeration, as if a mystery emanated from this accumulation. . What shines through in this simplicity is above all a form of generosity, the pleasure of choosing materials and cutting them, assembling them, bringing them to life.

J. Zerbone, 2013.

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