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Gian Spina - Untitled (reiteration of erfahrraum 1)

from February 15 to March 10, 2013 - Vitrine 7 place du Parlement, Bordeaux

Untitled (reiteration of Erfahrraum 1) is a dissonance, an apostrophe to everyday life, an allegory, a visual experience.

The image is cut up and becomes an environment in its own right. It is an airtight atmosphere, deprived of all bodily penetration; the only way to get in there is sight. The impossibility of entering the window makes us witnesses of a visual spectacle where human intervention and presence are absent.

However, the experience takes place at several levels, imposed on the audience in view of its position in relation to the piece. The double dimension due to the distance of the spectator becomes three-dimensional as he approaches him, putting him in a position of "voyeur". This piece asks and allows the audience to approach different attitudes.

Untitled (reiteration of Erfahrraum 1) consists of a formal transformation of the images of our world and proposes a redefinition of the space where light is the only possibility of existence.

Reverb activates distortion and prevents recognition. The video bursts into space and grabs us into an unknown universe where our sight perceives moving textures, colored waves, a dissonance of shapes. Light in an incessant flow is the only unstable architecture of space.

We are witnessing a poetic atmosphere, a collection without forms. It could be the place where the overabundance of everyday images accumulates.

Emilie Aussir

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