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Guillaumit & Thomas Bernard - ABCD Golf - 2014

Production & project management - La Rhune (64)

On the occasion of PANORAMIKA, an artistic program by Ferraille Productions which celebrates the 90th anniversary of the La Rhune train, Guillaumit and Thomas Bernard have imagined a mini golf course which is installed at the top of the mountain, in La Rhune, in the Basque country. .

This 8-hole course is made up of eight letters forming the word PANORAMA. Each letter presents a universe specific to the word of which it can be the first letter, thus determining the obstacles which run through it (A for Aquatic, O for Computer, M for Music…). With its large colored letters, the installation seems to signal the presence of a panorama, not without humor and derision!

Zébra3 is in charge of the work and the manufacture of this extraordinary mini golf.

The PANORAMIKA project is an initiative of the Public Establishment of Altitude Stations (EPSA) and the General Council of Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Ferraille Productions is in charge of the artistic direction of the project.

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