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Studio G&M - The Box - 2013

Executive production

Somewhere deep in a forgotten region, the conscientious workers of La Boîte, a timeless company, continue to work day and night in the careful perpetuation of a form of magical craftsmanship from the future past. the graphic and sound duo Gangpol & Mit , La Boîte is a hybrid collective project made up of a set of sculpted furniture, real multimedia instruments capable of producing all kinds of music and images through their mysterious on-board technology. Intended to be freely manipulated by everyone in the context of exhibitions, these workbenches and their related characters also serve as a support for various workshops and concerts / performances for all audiences, retro-utopian and mechano-fun.

Sound and graphic design / design: Gangpol & Mit

Electronics / code: Freeka Tet

Code: Yann van der Cruyssen

Carpentry and production monitoring: Zébra3

Co-productions: L'Armada Productions, Association ElectroniK, Nicéphore Cité

With the support of: Arcadi, Ministry of Culture and Communication - Dicréam, La Gaité Lyrique, I.Boat, Faces of the World, Antipode MJC

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