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Zébra3 - La Vouivre, Peri-urban Refuge # 6 - 2013

Design and production - Parc de Cantefrêne, Ambès

Of the six peri-urban refuges , La Vouivre on the Ambès peninsula is undoubtedly the one who has the most fun with childish and ancestral fears. After creating the Cloud Lormont and mysterious Guetteurs in Bordeaux, zebra3 imagined a cabin that is enclose a winding body coming from the depths of the earth or water. Racine, anaconda, "male beste" emerging from the marshes or perhaps this creature, a sort of winged serpent in certain legends, of which the writer Marcel Aymé will make an attractive young aquatic girl, who is called the Wyvern. It is said that the beauty always leaves a ruby at the water's edge when she enters the water to fish, an object of all covetousness that provokes thieves. Candice Pétrillo thus dares to have fun with ancestral fears and the anxiety that city dwellers often experience when they stay overnight in the forest, near a seemingly peaceful lake ...
A visit to this refuge is also an opportunity to discover this piece of land in the Bec d'Ambès, at the birth of the Gironde estuary, little known to the inhabitants of the Bordeaux conurbation. La Vouivre is located there in the beautiful Cantefrêne leisure area which has many facilities for the public: toilets, mini golf, playgrounds, ping-pong tables, barbecues ...

Reservation for one night (free) on

Access: Line 91 Gendarmerie stop

Accessibility to the refuge: 500 m from the entrance to Parc de Cantefrêne

Sleeps: 7 people (3 double beds and 1 single bed).

After "Le Nuage" (The Cloud) and the mysterious "Guitters" (The Watchers), Zebra3 designed a wooden hut hugged by a sinuous body from the depths of the earth or water. This creature, a sort of winged snake in some legends, is called "The Wyvern".

The shelter "La Vouivre" plays with childhood and ancestral fears, and the anxiety of urban residents when they sleep at night in the forest near a lake that seems quiet. "La Vouivre" is located in the beautiful recreation area of Cantefrêne which has many facilities for the public: toilet, mini golf, playground, barbecues ... It's also the opportunity to discover this piece of land located to the birth of the Gironde estuary .

Information and booking (free) on

The Peri-Urban Shelters project is a Bruit du frigo initiative, carried out in collaboration with Zébra3. It is supported and financed by Bordeaux Métropole, with the participation of the host municipalities.

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