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Zébra3 - Le Nuage, Peri-urban Refuge # 1 - 2010

Design and production - Parc de l'Ermitage, Lormont

The first of the peri-urban refuges to have landed in the Bordeaux metropolitan area, in 2010, the Cloud in the Parc de l'Ermitage in Lormont has met the expectations of many city dwellers in search of a unique experience and a local adventure. . Located at the end of a small climb, on the shores of a lake bordered by a lush hillside, this architectural “madness” with rounded lines is the promise of an unusual shelter in the heart of nature, a few steps from the city. Fall asleep lulled by the song of frogs, wake up to the song of birds ...

A nod to utopian architecture, tinged with the reminiscence of caravanning, this cumulus-shaped work conjures up the myth of the cabin and arouses reverie. For a peaceful sleep, without water or electricity but with mystery and imagination at the rendezvous, your head in a cloud ...

Designed and produced by Zébra3, this poetic refuge is the first in a series underway in various remarkable sites in the agglomeration of Bordeaux. Like high-mountain refuges which are so many stops for hikers, they will soon be able to be connected to each other in a few hours of city walking.

Reservation for one night (free) on

Access: Tram A station Les Iris

Accessibility to the refuge: 500 m from the entrance to the Parc de l'Ermitage

Sleeps: 7 people (3 double beds and 1 single bed)

Falling asleep with the sound of frogs and waking up with the song of birds… It is something we already know from camping, but it's a new experience in an architectural or artistic work in the middle of a park or of a public garden. Since 2010, Le Nuage is hosting anyone who likes in this mysterious place: next to a lake and a bushy hillside. Sleeping in a comic-style hut just next door is a unique urban experience.

Le Nuage is conceived and constructed by Zébra3 in response to the peri-urban shelter concept of Bruit du Frigo. A cloud to shelter from the elements, summoning the myth of the hut, stimulating the imagination and childhood memories. A cloud that makes an allusion to utopic architecture and radical design of the 60s and 70s, while assuming the kitsch side of caravanning. The shelter offers 7 sleeping spaces and its minimalistic furniture - like in the shelters you can find in the mountains - pushes you to concentrate on the remarkable natural surroundings.

Information and booking (free) on

The Peri-Urban Shelters project is a Bruit du frigo initiative, carried out in collaboration with Zébra3. It is supported and financed by Bordeaux Métropole, with the participation of the host municipalities.

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