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Design - Manufacturing - Ad hoc producing

Survey and advising

Technical and economic feasibility study

Prototyping and 3D study

Technical production of artworks

Scenography – Exhibition set up – Furniture – Restoration of artworks – Models

“A lot of art pieces today, especially sculptures, require specialised technical abilities and know-how, high-tech materials, precise workmanship… that can accurately fulfil this economic situation. It’s more about vehemently taking position within an economical and artistic situation.  Zébra3 gives artists the tools and means that their works deserve, puts them in contact with the makers able to fulfil their needs, provides a thorough and involved follow-up”.

Lili Reynaud-Dewar, Technikart, September 2005

“Many works today, in particular sculptural, require specialized techniques and know-how, high-tech materials, precise finishes… Responding exactly to this economic situation. It is above all a question of positioning oneself with voluntarism within an economic-artistic situation. Zébra3 gives artists the means their pieces deserve, directs them to artisans and technicians capable of meeting their needs, and monitors production as meticulous as it is involved ”.

Lili Reynaud-Dewar, Technikart, September 2005

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