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Silence Fluo - 2013

Coordination of artistic and educational workshops - Camille Maumey School - Cenon

Réseau Ferré de France is leading the work on removing the Bordeaux railway plug intended to double existing rail lines. Most of the work is taking place in the town of Cenon. As such, the Camille Maumey primary school is strongly impacted because it is located in the immediate vicinity of the new routes. The nursery school was demolished in the summer of 2012 and rebuilt by the town hall of Cenon. The elementary school and its 11 classes remain in operation but suffers from a serious image deficit.

As a public company committed to sustainable development and attentive to taking stakeholders into account, Réseau Ferré de France accepted on a proposal from parents and the teaching team to finance an educational and artistic project in partnership with school, the objective being twofold: to promote good co-existence between the worksite and the school's activity, and to use the worksite as a learning lever for the students.

The goal is the production of a short burlesque film entitled "Silence Fluo" around the theme of the construction site.

Lasting 10 to 15 minutes, this film is cut into sequences that can be used independently or as a set and is the aim of a series of workshops carried out within the school with all the children and children. teachers.

List of participating artists:

General, artistic and educational coordination: Candice Pétrillo, Zébra3

Writing: Juan Aizpitarte

Graphics: Guillaume Castagné

Music: Sylvain Quément

Body expression: Elie Hay

Shooting: Sébastien Farges

Editing: Seydou Grépinet

Workshops from January to April 2013

Restitution on July 2, 2013 at Rocher de Palmer in Cenon.

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