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Vincent Kohler - Woody

July 5 to September 8, 2013 - Vitrine 7 place du Parlement, Bordeaux

Swiss artist adept at childish crafts, Vincent Kohler creates playful works with a daring aesthetic flirting between bad taste and a tender and empathetic gaze placed on a daily environment suitable for transfiguring himself into a phantasmagorical universe. Everything is a matter of scale and displacement with Kohler, and finally the burlesque could well be the privileged playground of the artist.

Adept at manual activities provided at school and the essential homemade gifts resulting (necklaces of noodles and cardboard pencil pots), Kolher is inspired by all these achievements made during phases of boredom in order, he says, to "to fill the dead times of life". Castles of mash or paper figures then take on surprising proportions by simple procedures of excess. These hypertrophied hacks are then adorned with a burlesque dimension like Woody, gigantic woodpecker made of logs passed with a chainsaw. A grotesque fetish with false tiki airs, this hallucinated bird hides under its apparent woodcutting aspect in the mass, a most synthetic nature. Composed only of resin, this sculpture is a fake with disproportionate qualities.

Buy-Sellf production, 2009.

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