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Who we are & what we do

Zébra3 is a Bordeaux association founded in 1993 which works in the field of contemporary art. It became known in 1998 with the publication of the first mail-order art catalog Buy-Sellf .

A resident of the Fabrique Pola, of which she is a founding member, she initiates actions to support and promote the work of visual artists, mainly by focusing her reflection on issues related to dissemination and production in its technical dimensions. , socio-political, economic and market.

Zébra3 designs and organizes exhibitions in France and abroad, develops production residencies and artistic exchanges on a local and international scale.

It supports artists in the different phases of their projects, whether in the context of exhibitions, events, public commissions or architectural projects, and provides them with its tooled production workshop of 400 m2.

For more than 10 years, Zébra3 has been ushering in strategies of support, accompaniment and development for the work of visual artists, mainly incorporating its line of thinking around issues connected with production in its technical, socio-political, economic and commercial dimensions.

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Founded in 1993, Zébra3 operates in the contemporary art area. This organization came to notice in 1998 after publishing the first mail order sale catalog for artworks, Buy-Sellf, with four issues published to date. In addition to its publications, the association has increased the number of its exhibition projects in France and abroad. (Buy-Sellf stand, Palais de Tokyo (2002), Artissima, Turin Art Fair (2006), Back to the Future, CAPC contemporary art museum (2010)), and, through its production workshops, has acquired a certain experience in the field of designing and manufacturing works. These experiments have enabled the group to become powerfully involved with emerging visual artists. The production program, set up in 2003, thus enables a certain number of artists to receive financial support for the production of their works.

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Zébra3 es una asociación fundada in 1993 that opera en el campo del arte contemporáneo. Se dio to conocer in 1998 with the publicación del primer catálogo de venta de arte por correspondencia Buy-Sellf .
Inicia acciones apoyando y valorando el trabajo de artistas plasticos, inscribiendo mainly su reflexion en torno a cuestiones relacionadas con la diffusion y producción en su dimensiones técnicas, socio-políticas, económicas y comerciales.

3 concibe exposiciones organiza there Francia y en el extranjero, desarrolla residencias de producción y intercambios Artísticos a nivel internacional y local.
Acompaña los artists plasticos en las various fases de realización de sus proyectos, there is sea through exhibitions, events, públicos encargos or architectural proyectos, and there is an equipped production taller of 400 m2.

Zébra3 es miembro fundador of the Pola Factory .

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Buy-Sellf catalogs - 1998/2004

In 1998, the Zébra3 association made a name for itself thanks to the publication of the first Buy-Sellf mail-order art catalog, which currently includes 4 issues. Each catalog brings together, presents and distributes non-industrialized productions, research prototypes resulting from an artistic process, more generally from an experiment. The first intention was to create an alternative presentation space to art galleries, a direct link between the creator and the collector or user. Through this approach crystallized the desire to test the models and the limits of the consumer society. The review allowed the confrontation of productions from various horizons and a large number of practices are represented through objects, paintings, sculptures, photographs, books, CD-Roms, furniture.

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