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Artist residencies

Zébra3 offers the pairing of an artist with a company as part of the Art et Entreprise programme. The aim is to open communication channels between the art world and the industrial world through a common project; to build a bridge between two different understandings of the working world, two universes evolving alongside each other but rarely crossing paths.
The idea for this residency is based on reciprocity, a space and time for sharing where employees will be able to get acquainted with current creation, and the artist will benefit from the advice and experienced knowledge from professionals.


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Production residencies are offered to artists for the creation of works to be shown within projects or exhibitions organised by Zébra3.

This offers the possibility for artists to work in a professional environment equipped with all the necessary tools and advice if needed.

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Since 2003, Zébra3 develops creation residencies and cross-residencies with other countries in order to expand the possibilities for artists to be accompanied and supported, and to be able to share its expertise with a network of partner organisations.​

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Julie Trudel Aquitaine Québec

LITTORALE s’appuie sur un principe de résidence de recherche qui évolue au fil des rencontres et de la construction du projet.
Cette résidence propose un cadre ouvert permettant une création libre autour de la sauvegarde des milieux aquatiques et de la préservation des océans. Elle permet une coopération avec des acteurs engagés et reconnus dans des actions de sensibilisation, d’éducation et de sauvegarde environnementale comme le festival Climax à Darwin et Surfrider Foundation.

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<3 is an itinerant co-production residency offered by Confort Moderne (Poitiers, Fr), LAC&S-Lavitrine (Limoges, Fr) and Zébra3 (Bordeaux, Fr) on the regional scale, allowing for an increased reach of contemporary art in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

The aim is to support young artists in a new production and exhibition experience, as well as being mobile within a network of contemporary art professionals.

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