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Antoine Dorotte - The fairies - 2013

Artistic public commission from Bordeaux Métropole - Lagardette Tram Station - Bassens - Carbon Blanc

This 10-meter-high sculpture surrounds the operating room. She takes up and diverts the design of the high voltage line pylons. Made up of zinc plates engraved by the artist in aquatint, the installation takes on another dimension after dark. Blue flashes run through the crown, bringing a fantastic character to the whole. Subjected to bad weather and oxidation, its color and shine are brought to change, constituting a natural patina.

The co-edition with the publishing house Les Requins Marteaux of a comic book by Winshluss stages a fiction around the work Les Fées and accompanies its inauguration.

Representative: Antoine Dorotte
Co-contractor and project management: Zébra3
Sponsor: Bordeaux Métropole
Dimensions: 970.4 x 621.4 x 584.4 cm
Materials: steel, wood, zinc, LED bar

Winshluss - The fairies - 2013

This original comic strip by Winshluss presents a fictional story imagined by its author around the sculptural work Les fées by Antoine Dorotte , produced as part of the public artistic commission of the Bordeaux Métropole tramway.

Public commission from the Ministry of Culture and Communication - General Directorate of Artistic Creation - Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Aquitaine (artistic commission 2nd phase tramway, "Lagardette Bassens Carbon-Blanc" station, 2013)

Co-edition: Hammerhead Sharks / Zebra3

Edition of 3000 copies, free not intended for sale.

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