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The production workshop

All Zébra3 productions are carried out by our production managers in our equipped workshops.

Zébra3 makes its production workshop available to visual artists, designers, scenographic architects and students in art, design and architecture in order to offer them equipped spaces and specific support to enable them to develop and manufacture their projects.

Terms of access to the workshop, a price list and internal regulations have been put in place in order to offer support adapted to each user.

Visual artists
Designers, scenographers, architects
Students in art, design and architecture schools
Self-managed workshop access
Support for the realization of work
Training / Initiation
Visit for the general public and for schoolchildren

400 m2 of manufacturing and prototyping space

Ceiling height 5 m - Large roller shutter door 4.30 x 3.50 m - Semi-trailer access

Neon lighting and natural light

Energy: electricity 220 / 400V

Worthington Creyssensac Decibair 100 compressor with DW7 dryer

Changing room and shower

WIFI connection


Forklift (1.6 t. - lifting height 4500 mm)

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


Wood Workshop

Combined wood LUREM 310 RL Saw / Spindle moulder / Planer / Degau

Trolley 2500

Cassese FC300 Super miter saw

Band saw

Bosh radial saw ø 305 mm

Panel saw format 5000 x 2100 mm

Bench drill press

Suction Alko filtration of fine dust

- Festool / Hilti power tools (wood)

Screwdrivers, impact screwdrivers, router, jigsaws, plunge cutters 75 and 55 mm

- Additional power tools

Electric plane, belt sander, fine oscillating saw.

- Pneumatic tools

30-90mm Coil Nailer (MAX, Bostitch)

Brad nailer 15-64mm (Bostitch)


Sander ø 150 and 125

Straight milling machine

Angle milling machine

Milling machine for ø 25, 50 and 75mm (ingersoll, cleco)

10mm wide belt sander

310ml cartridge gun

- Hand tools

Set of PPE clamps (audio protector headset, goggles, leather gloves)

Square, rulers, set of bits, forstner bits, cutters

Metal Workshop

MEP Automatic Bandsaw - Shark 281 model

Dewalt metal chainsaw

SIDAMO column drill

FEMI belt sanding / polishing tank

MAPE bench grinder

3 semi-automatic welding stations (GYS and Weco)

2 ARC welding stations (Fronius and GYS)

Manual tube bender Mingori / Virax

- Power tools

125 and 230mm angle grinders

- Pneumatic tools

Milling machine for abrasive discs ø 25, 50 and 75mm (ingersoll)

Riveter, drill, screwdriver

Jigsaw, nibbler

- Hand tools

PPE (headphones, goggles, gloves, leathers)

Mechanic's squares, wrench set (click, plates, pipes), drill set, wedging magnets, vices ...

Model Workshop

Hegner scroll saw

Weller soldering station

AEG heat gun

Techdent suspended motor

Precision cutter set

IWATA W400 paint spray gun

Fischer airbrush

Electronic scale

Proxxon fine belt sander

Dremel hand milling machine

Ceramic oven Enitherm FM 470 (1300 ° C)

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