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September 18 to October 9, 2014 - POLARIUM / Fabrique Pola

Polarium / Pola Factory

2 rue Marc Sangnier - Bègles

Monday to Friday, from 10am to 18pm

There are phenomena whose ambiguous nature seems to offer the attentive mind good reasons for linking together the various fragments that make up the world. Thus "attraction" certainly organizes and develops this present dialectic between the part and the whole. Product of universal gravity, it is what sticks everything to the ground and makes matter dance in the great cosmic spaces.

Stemming from complex psychological mechanisms, it is also what makes us evolve towards the other, towards the objects, towards the expanse in front of us ...

It pushes us into obsolete rides with too garish colors and fills the addictions aroused by our low instincts.

Sister of seduction, she is the hook of atoms which assembles the bodies of lovers in an embrace, thus causing thought to lose its foothold.

It is, like the poisonous little berries of Pyracantha towards which the hapless child goes to intoxicate, the hot and colorful poison of desire and curiosity. To protect itself from the excesses it engenders, the city produces injunctions and warnings, but the erotic mechanical ritornello of its chanting haunts heads and moves bodies. "Attraction" is the meaningless universal magnetism that unites images and forms, sounds and words, nature and people.

Irwin Marchal

Renaud Chambon, Laurent Kropf, Benoit Ménard, Irwin Marchal and Eddie Ladoire thus invest the Polarium to bring their work into tension in order to capture, through drawing, sculpture, painting, video and sound, the multiple aspects covered by this notion of "attraction". In a coming and going between scientific theories, filmographic references, web archives and esoteric symbols, they will immerse the public of the Polarium in an atmosphere clashed with visual archetypes, material transparency, fragments of images, a device of attraction and of course bad news from the cosmos.

This exhibition is an initiative of Irwin Marchal and Renaud Chambon, both resident artists of the POLA Factory. Zébra3 supports them as part of its production and distribution program.

Exhibition scheduled at the Polarium , the artistic influence of the Fabrique Pola, as part of the Metropolitan Summer .

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