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Cyprien Chabert - Fistulins

from 9 November to 16 December 2012 - Vitrine 7 place du Parlement, Bordeaux

Cyprien Chabert gardens the city with a strange and luxuriant plant ideal. A virtuoso draftsman, he composes Edenic landscapes within architectural environments. For the showcase 7 Parliament Square, the artist imagined the emergence of a series of organic sculptures, provoking the enchanted as well as solemn vision of a resolutely impromptu nature. Strange growths in the shape of umbrellas, crusts, shells or clawed legs colonize the picture rails. The dazzling spread from floor to ceiling of a network of lignicolous fungi constitutes an imaginary mycological inventory, at the crossroads of the scientific and the supernatural. The xylophagous cryptogams represented (fistulins and other beef tongues) accelerate decay and proliferate on dead organisms. Their beauty is all the more fascinating, disturbing, and gives the sublime to the morbid. Here fantasized, they ward off, like gargoyles, human anguish and compose a twilight triptych. The sculptures were cut and polished in different types of wood in the Zébra3 / Buy-Sellf workshops, according to the artist's drawings.

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