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Showcase 7 place du Parlement - Bordeaux

Crystal Palace is an artistic dissemination program established since 2012 by Zébra3 for the showcase located at 7 Parliament Square. This initiative offers a window on the works of emerging contemporary artists, and contributes to the visibility of the association, which has been involved for many years in supporting artists through its production programs.

Crystal Palace was born out of shared beliefs about art and the public in the city.

It puts contemporary art on display and gives it citizenship rights. It has the capacity to call out the gaze or to let it pass. It anchors creation in the heritage landscape. It invites to an artistic experience in the heart of the urban territory.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Crystal Palace is an artistic program established by Zébra3 in the shop window located 7 place du Parlement in Bordeaux. This initiative offers a point of view on emerging contemporary artists works, and participates in the visibility of the association Zébra3, engaged for many years in the support of artists through its
production programs.

Anne-Marie Civilise Partnership

Acknowledgments Brigitte Beau-Poncie

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