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Marianne Plo - Effervescent Landscape - 2020

Public artistic commission University of Poitiers

"My work is based on the practice of drawing and sculpture that I wished here to be able to link and apply to the scale of architecture. For this, I imagined a set unfolding like a fresco on the high facades of the building.

The perforated sheet metal process highlights the mechanisms of light, as a phenomenon that allows us to understand the world of living things and that of ideas. It is also through breakthroughs in the metal that daylight gives its rhythm to the image, which expresses as it is, the very idea of ​​eternal cycles.

The effervescent landscape bears witness to the migration of knowledge and its sharing through education. The state of effervescence refers both to the idea of ​​phenomenon, reaction, sublimation, notions common to artistic creation and scientific research. Thus this fresco offers an open reading, leaving free the imaginations, the associations of ideas and evokes in an abstract way the essential curiosity to know everything.

Questioning what is impossible for us to observe with our naked eyes, I offer a story made of elusive worlds that only the sciences and the arts allow us to comprehend. "

Marianne Plo

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Artistic conception: Marianne Plo

Project management assistance: Zébra3

Sponsor: University of Poitiers

Materials: perforated sheet, steel structure, fixings.

Dimensions: NC

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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