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©Stéphane Soulié - Frac Nouvelle-Aquitaine Méca

Caisses de transport

Réalisation en atelier.

Prototype avant lancement de la fabrication.

Zébra3 - The Mechanic of the Regional - 2018

Mobile and modular museum furniture - Frac Nouvelle-Aquitaine Méca (33)

Zébra3 designed and produced a set of furniture intended to present the works of the Frac Nouvelle-Aquitaine Méca collection, roaming the regional territory. Composed of a wooden structure and metal boxes closed by a glass plate, the modules can accommodate 2D and 3D works. Easily assembled and dismantled, the Mechanic can be transported in a set of custom-made boxes.

Lighter than a mobile museum, Le Mécano de la Régionale is modular and easy to handle equipment that adapts in harmony to the locations and desires of regional partners.

Zébra3: design, project management, production
Sponsor: Frac Nouvelle-Aquitaine Méca

Variable dimensions
Materials: steel, wood, screws, glass.

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