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Vue de l'œuvre dans le jardin de la résidence. ©Positif

Réalisation à l'atelier Zébra3, Bordeaux.

Réalisation à l'atelier Zébra3, Bordeaux.

Zébra3 - Octopus, the common bench - 2018

Program 1 building 1 work residence Vert d'O, Vinci - Gradignan (33)

Zébra3 designed and produced a work with use value intended for the inhabitants of the Vert d'O residential complex. Composed of 6 modules arranged in a circle that can serve as seats and allow you to enjoy the garden at 360 °, its shape is inspired by marine fauna, between the sea anemone and the octopus.

Zébra3: design, project management, production
Sponsor: Vinci Immobilier

Dimensions: 7.20 m diam. x 1.50 m high
Materials: steel, wood, screws.

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