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The Suzhou Experience - Part 1

Post diplome KAOLIN from ENSA Limoges
from January 21, 2021 - Fabrique Pola , 10 quai de Brazza in Bordeaux
to discover on our social networks, awaiting an opening to the public

With Grégoriane Canaméras, Aimie Morel, Nicolas H. Muller, David Renaud, Hervé Delamont, Camille Reidt, Pierre Labat, Guy Meynard.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

The Suzhou - Part 1 experience highlights the work of a year of research between China and Limoges by the artists of the Post diploma KAOLIN, a research program in contemporary ceramics of the National School of Art of Limoges ( ENSA), coordinated in 2019-2020 by the teaching artist David Renaud , accompanied by designer Guy Meynard .

How to think about and develop a project around the common and unique experience of discovering the historic gardens of Suzhou, a city in the south of the province of Jiangsu in eastern China, and the multiple foundation stones called "stones of the literati", granted to the specific practice of porcelain?
The artists, brought together to bring their practices into play and confront them, offer to transcribe and share their experiences, in the form of works and exhibitions.
Route, stroll, modularity, islands, archipelagos: it is a question of considering the garden as transposition and principle, as thought and construction of the exhibition, stones as thought of the object of the work.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The discovery in the city of Suzhou and its many historic gardens allowed them to develop a remarkable and fascinating experience of landscape and architecture. This close relationship builds and multiplies the paths following journeys, which open up new perspectives.
and ever-changing points of view

Zébra3 is joining forces with ENSA Limoges to support the restitution of this program by offering young artists professionalization contexts. From the conception to the realization of the scenography of the exhibition, through the implementation of a program of mediation and workshops of artistic practices based on their work as visual artists, the artists will experiment all the stages of a project of dissemination and sharing with the public.


Photos: © Zébra3-2021

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