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Today, the objective of cultural democratization and emancipation through art comes up against social and cultural changes that call for rethinking it. Since 2014, as part of Industry Week, programs set up by the Ministries of the Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Culture and Communication have promoted the development and installation of artistic forms and cultural activities within voluntary companies.

In 2015, the seminar “ Art and Worlds of Work », Organized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication in partnership with the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, HEC Paris and the works council for the electricity and gas industries, brought together various stakeholders: business leaders, activists trade unions, artists, cultural policy specialists, who have started a dialogue with the common desire to make the company a place of individual and collective emancipation.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

A benchmark player in the production of contemporary works of art in the New Aquitaine region, Zébra3 has been working on a daily basis and for years with many businesses in the region, with whom special contacts have been established. Zébra3 is therefore both a witness to the interest of artists in discovering the potential of companies in the search for solutions for the realization of their works, as well as that of the curiosity of companies to work on projects of unique objects, each time. experimental times.

It is about making the world of art and the industrial world communicate through a shared project, to build a bridge between two approaches to the professional world that are distant from each other, two worlds that evolve in parallel but are cross little.

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