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SUBURBIA - Jérémy Profit

July 10 to 25, 2014 - POLARIUM / Fabrique Pola

Polarium / Pola Factory

2 rue Marc Sangnier - Bègles

Monday to Friday, from 10am to 18pm

By appointment at + 33 (0) 6 62 11 52 26

Jérémy Profit seizes the next moment , the post-disaster stasis where humans hang up with life despite the field of ruin and devastation. This fifty virtuoso and careful drawings describes a world in decomposition, saturated with death and earthquakes, in which suicides rub shoulders with housewives and businessmen with imperturbable indifference. Mankind is bored there by Californian swimming pools, massacres with assault rifles or disappears in spectacular crashes. The quiet suburbs explode, like planes or nuclear power plants, translating for the artist, this need to draw a critical and paranoid vision of a world ruled by violence of which ultra-capitalism is the great authorizing officer.


Born in Saint-Brieuc in 1976, Jérémy Profit left very early to settle in the Landes, where the linearity and rigorous arrangement of artificial landscapes had a definite influence on his way of drawing. Marked by US culture - a generational thing - the artist first transcribed through his felt-tip drawings these icons of a welfare state for his music, his cinema, his brands and his television. Invasion, supremacy, globalization. Jérémy Profit draws on it, is inspired by photo reports, advertisements, coupled with searches on Google images to be resolutely truthful. The views are aerial, low angle, yet no cast shadow disturbs the perfect clarity of the line. The thoroughness of the gesture contrasts moreover with the dramaturgy and the chaos of the subjects; while the line is clear, without roughness or spectacularization, the narrative fabric is extremely dark.

Urbi and orbi.

These images of the world thus depict a precarious and individualistic society, in which people are treated in an impersonal way, anonymous little fellows populating the urban and suburban architectures like an undifferentiated mass, a social body in a state of decomposition. To the fragility of things responds that of our existence, provisional and therefore subject to its loss, to the chance of the accident, on the circumscribing scale of a depersonalized or planetary suburb, cf. Fukushima. These places are heterotopic, they could be located in America, in the suburbia of any US TV series, near a Japanese nuclear power plant, in a patriotically French field, at the foot of an EDF pylon. Anyway , the damage is done: Jeremy Profit's drawing vitrifies the point of no return so that his viewer can assess the before and after of an inventory.

No Future and past punk, the artist did not belong to the Grindcore scene for nothing. Guitarist of the group Öpstand, he adhered to the protest spirit of the punk movement, power-violence tendency, where a soothing and culturally impoverished daily life is unleashed by the critical brutality of visceral and epileptic music. This early heritage, linked to the aestheticism of naive art and folk art, Raymond Pettibon as a spiritual father, generates a cruelly sensitive and expressive drawing, tragically disillusioned as the ultimate evocation of a demythologized counter-utopia.


Jérémy Profit was born in 1976 in Saint-Brieuc. He lives and works in Bordeaux.

His works were shown in Berlin and Geneva in 2007, at the CAPC in 2010, at Arc en rêve in 2012 and at Bidart and Bilbao in 2013. This solo exhibition at the Fabrique Pola is the first retrospective of his drawings, produced between 2004 and 2014.

Blueberry Bourgeois

Exhibition scheduled at the Polarium , the artistic influence of the Fabrique Pola, as part of the Metropolitan Summer .

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