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ALaPlage - Reality does not exist

July 5 to August 30, 2012 - Vitrine 7 place du Parlement, Bordeaux

For the first exhibition at the Crystal Palace, a new exhibition space, Zébra3 invites the Toulouse-based collective ALaPlage to show one of its emblematic works.

Inspired by illuminated commercial signs, symbols of the economic and consumerist development of cities, Reality does not exist is a mobile light sculpture that combines volume, materials and language. This advertising dimension gives it an urban and popular character, and an appropriate place in the window of No. 7 of Parliament Square.

Its nomadic character frees it from the static constraints of sculpture and intensifies its capacity for transmission. It emancipates the work from the boundaries of the museum or gallery, by facilitating the strategies of engagement of art in the public space.

The use of artificial light deals with an art history linked to the American minimalist pioneers or to Arte Povera. Its function is no longer only to illuminate or make visible, it is a plastic element constituting the work to the point of becoming its title. The reality or concrete materiality of the object is therefore as significant as the message it conveys: "Reality does not exist".

This Cartesian statement questions our perception of reality. A collective reality that would replace individual realities, depending on our ability to view our environment in a subjective way.

Reality does not exist is a visible and readable work, an urban night light that testifies to the propensity of art to slip into the interstices of contemporary communication flows, whatever the media, to reinvent our environment. .

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