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Alix Delmas - INTERLUDE - 2015

Production & project management - Gave Urban Natural Park, Pau agglomeration municipality - Billère site

INTERLUDE is a practicable work, based on the geographical context of Pau: the panorama of the Pyrenees, the profile of the pic du midi d'Ossau, and the presence of tumultuous waters of the Gave de Pau. The work makes the link between the area dedicated to the course of health and rest and the extent of saligues and its biodiversity. The lower steel curve takes the silhouette of the Pic du Midi d'Ossau and suggests snow on the mountainous reliefs while the undulation of the slats reminds us of the current of the Gave river.

This work also drew on the postures of Bachelard, Pessoa, Victor Hugo, Tarkovski and others, who teach us the art of contemplation. This platerfome is therefore a favorable ground for contemplation for walkers in the park.

General design: Alix Delmas

Manufacturing / Project management assistance: Zébra3

Materials: galvanized steel, black locust slats, screws and bolts.

Dimensions: 8 x 2.40 m.

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