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Works of art productions

Design - Manufacturing - Executive production

Assessment and advice

Technical and budgetary feasibility study

Realization of 3D and prototypes

Technical realization of works

Production of scenographic elements - Exhibition set-up - Furniture
Restoration of works - Models

Our workshop specializing in the manufacture of contemporary works of art is aimed at creators and the various actors of contemporary art to produce works (perennial or ephemeral, intended for museums and galleries or for the public space) designed in in the context of exhibitions, events, public commissions or architectural projects.

Between craftsmanship and artistic experimentation, between design office and production unit, our know-how acquired over the long term allows us to have in-depth knowledge of the processes of making works of art, from the most traditional to the most contemporary.

We bring our resources, our technical skills and our artistic sensitivity to the service of the sponsors in order to support them at all stages of their project.

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