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Arc en rêve - Once upon a time tomorrow - 2011

Exhibition set-up - Evento 2011 - Les Abbatoirs Bordeaux

"Once upon a time tomorrow" tells the story of the urban utopias that take root in Bordeaux and develop in 2030 - the year when the city will have reached the magic number of one million inhabitants. This fiction takes the form of a fresco, which takes place according to the vision of STEALTH , with the words of Bruce Bégout, interpreted by graphic designers and cartoonists. The inhabitants are the masters of use of the city. They deploy forms of collective organization that invent the city on a daily basis, and weave new solidarities. The Abattoirs site hosts this exhibition, next to the Halle Debat-Ponsan, a remarkable architectural testimony to the interwar period.

Exhibition produced by Arc en rêve Center d'architecture, with guest curators STEALTH.unlimited with Emil Jurcan

Special collaboration for the scenography: the Baroque Bureau assisted by Emmanuelle Jolivet

Graphics of the fresco: Studio Tricolore

Bruce Bégout: writer and philosopher

François Ayroles, Adrien Demont, Havec, Camille Lavaud, David Prudhomme, Sandrine Revel, Guillaume Trouillard: cartoonists

Sainte-Machine + guests John Bobaxx, Dellastrada, Fanny Garcia, Kolona, Moam, Jack Usinegraphists: graphic designers

Sponsor: Arc en rêve Center d'Architecture

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