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Exhibition from May 4 to June 19, 2016 - Vitrine 7 place du Parlement, Bordeaux

Benjamin Artola - Crystal trap

Multidisciplinary artist, Benjamin Artola seeks to create unusual encounters in his work. He confronts, in his adolescence of the 90s, popular culture and elite culture, mixing memories, reality and fiction with humor and derision, creates psychedelic universes where the blue of the oceans and that of the cosmic elements sometimes merge.

The artist trades here the pencils and markers he likes for a ribbon, one of the five devices used in rhythmic gymnastics. Tirelessly whipped, the satin band draws convolutions in the manner of a possessed snake and seems to dilate the enclosed space of the window.
The cadenced flows of undulations and spirals are as many echoes of the living water of rivers, the breaking of the swell or the movement of celestial bodies, recurring in the artist's work. “ The seas and oceans remain an unknown part of our own land and, like the universe, this invisibility builds a potential conducive to the rustling of the imagination. In the ocean as in the sky, the elements slip by in an apparent stillness that only the moments of contact with our atmosphere make visible. "(1)

The motifs affixed by the artist to the entire ribbon refer to his drawing practice, jubilant and colorful, with artificial flies or tropical fish, a vibrant variegation that reinforces the hypnotic effect of undulating movements.
Unlike the gymnast's execution, there is hardly any hair-raising “exit” here at the end of the sequence, nor the last “shoot” before the fly fisherman's pose, just the perpetual and mechanical movement of a ribbon which swirls tirelessly in the void, an inoffensive lure which captures the gaze, charms and confuses all at the same time, provoking in the consenting spectator a state close to trance.

(1) Anthony Lenoir

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