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Bertrand Parinet - 1% artistic - 2016

Project management & production assistance - UFR de Psychologie de Toulouse

The work imagined by Bertrand Parinet, artist and architect graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Nîmes, is inspired by the orthogonal framework of Georges Candilis, historical architect of the university.

With star-shaped intersections between orthogonal lines and oblique lines, this Corten steel furniture represents exchanges, intersections of uses and practices.

This work takes place on a large square which, like an agora or an ancient forum, invites audiences to cross paths, to exchange uses, practices, disciplines, cultures and ideas.

Design: Bertrand Parinet

Manufacturing / project management assistance: Zébra3

Sponsor: University of Toulouse Jean-Jaurès

Materials: Corten steel, screws.

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