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photo © Benoît Cary

Best of - Atelier Zébra3

Scenography of works at the Zébra3 workshop
September 13 & 14, 2019 - Fabrique Pola, 10 quai de Brazza in Bordeaux

On the occasion of the inauguration of the Fabrique Pola , Zébra3 opens its production workshop to the public. At the turn of the production spaces and machine tools, a selection of works presents a "best of" of our collaborations from the most historical to the most current with artists, architects, designers, who have shared our program and our workshop.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

With Adela Andéa, Aude Anquetil, Patrick Bérubé, Sébastien Blanco, Lilian Bourgeat, Bruit du frigo, Buy-Sellf, Julie Chaffort, Marie Corbin, Clément De Gaulejac, Estelle Deschamp, Florent Dubois, Frédéric Duprat, Franck Eon, Cyprien Chabert, Hsia Fei Chang, Cyril Hatt, Pierre Hourquet, Lou-Andréa Lassalle, Frédéric Latherrade, Sandrine Llouquet, Benoît Maire, Malak Mebkhout, Laurent Perbos, Bertrand Peret, Marianne Plo, Manuel Pomar, Guillaume Poulain, Frédéric Pradeau, Jérémy Profit, Serge Provost, Julien Rucheton, Bettina Samson, SegonDurante, Mathias Tujague, Jeanne Tzaut, Usus architects, James Wright ...

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