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from March 12 to April 27, 2015 - Vitrine 7 place du Parlement, Bordeaux

Cécile Beau - C = 1 / √px

“Composed of installations where sound, image and object maintain close and multiple relationships, Cécile Beau's work develops through the adoption of contradictory vanishing points. The visible and the invisible blend together. The pure and the impure intermingle. The radars of perception are deafening, fogged up by enigmatic and timeless rustles. These are forests, rivers, horizons and mists that breathe as in the early hours of the day. They are also machines, mechanisms, factories, illusions and samples, witnesses of an almost clinical attention paid to things, the blade of his scalpel opening up sensory perspectives, under steady light and according to depths of field. to say the least hallucinated. (1) "

C = 1 / √px is a sound sculpture in the form of a miniature refinery. Tubes, flasks, ampoules and other laboratory glassware are arranged in a sort of transparent still, generating a sound "distillation": sounds run through this machinery and are transformed during the process.

The raw material used is a mixture of sound streams coming live from different urban sites on the planet and various sounds broadcast randomly. Thanks to speakers and microphones which take turns in this transparent architectural model, a sound circulation is created.

The noises are filtered slowly during their passage from one module to another, the harmonics generated by the glass round and reshape these sounds until they lose their original texture ...

(1) Text by Emile Soulier

Special thanks to Les Ortigues

Frac Center Collection, Orleans

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