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BKBS - L'Escale Littéraire - 2021

Project Management & Production - Rives en Seine (76)

BKBS, architects and urban scenographers, joined forces with Zébra3 for the realization of L'Escale Littéraire, a work of the Géoseine project led by Sonia Anton and the University of Le Havre Normandie. L'Escale Littéraire is a stopover on the banks of the Seine, a place where you can sit alone or with others, which offers a sound immersion allowing the reading of texts exploring the representations of the Seine in literature. Between interior and exterior, L'Escale is a landmark, both protected and open to the landscape, identifiable and porous to its environment.

Design: BKBS

Project management and manufacturing: Zébra3

Sponsor: Le Havre University - Normandy

Materials: NC

Dimensions: NC

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