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© David Marvier

© David Marvier

© HEAD - Raphaelle Mueller

Malak Mebkhout - SWIMMING POOL - 2016

Manufacture of designer furniture

PISCINE is a plastic research project bringing together a collection of rugs, collages and objects that revolve around the world of the swimming pool. Indoor and outdoor scene, this landscape, both familiar and distorted, is thought of as the backdrop for everyday scenes.
By carrying out a metamorphosis of everyday objects into imaginary objects, I develop these objects according to their domestic use but also according to their exhibition value. Their role above all else is to stimulate the imagination.

PISCINE is also the fourth episode of the Objets-Sirène project which seeks to create unusual encounters between two elements belonging to different systems. Here we find the pool mat, the ladder chair and the chaise longue with fries. This time, the objects are thought of as a set of elements that constitutes both an image and a collection. This meditated practice of collage makes it possible to obtain what the Mu group called “ruptures of various types” when they wrote a definition of collage in the 1978 Revue d'esthétique.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Malak Mebkhout is laureate of the Untied Bursaries of the Cantonal Contemporary Art Fund of Geneva 2016
PISCINE was exhibited at Flux Laboratory Geneva (04.10-24.10.2016) and at Flux Laboratory Zurich (28.10-28.11.2016)

Design concept: Malak Mebkhout

Chair and chaise longue manufacture: Zébra3

Materials: lacquered steel, paint, Smile Plastics © (recycled plastic)

Dimensions: chair H80cm x L60cm x l50cm, chaise longue H80cm x L180cm x l60cm

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