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Ferraille Production - Ferraille Land - 2009

Executive production

Villemolle is a “work in progress” which begins in 2008 in the form of a feature film directed by the comic book author Winshluss (co-director with Marjane Satrapi of Persepolis and Poulet aux prunes) and co-written with Felder. The film features an imaginary village run by a megalomaniac mayor with crazy cultural projects.
In 2009, Winshluss and Ferraille prod were invited in residence at Pollen, the contemporary art center of Monflanquin (47), the artists thus created Le syndicat d! Initiative de Villemolle, an immersion in the transgressive universe of a real fake tourist office, that of Villemolle.
The installation is a mixture of realistic and surrealist aesthetics passed through the mill of a humor that is in turn poetic, absurd, caricatural and burlesque. The different techniques used in the exhibition highlight the essential complementarity between the artist and the craftsman within the Ferraille collective: cabinetmakers, painters, musicians, model makers and photographers collaborated closely with visual artists in the development of this exhibition.

Creation / Scenography: Felder / Winshluss

Police station: Scrap
Production: Scrap / Pollen

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