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Hippolyte Hentgen - Tangram

from 6 November 2014 to 4 January 2015 - Vitrine 7 place du Parlement, Bordeaux

Tangram: Chinese puzzle, mathematical game, constructions and formal logic, dissection of the square into seven shapes. Educational motive for evaluating creativity in a group, it is also a telephone application to be classified in hypnotic activities, remedy against all forms of anxiety, such as a purring to avoid thinking of something else.

For this exhibition in the window, it is an assembly game of nine light boxes, the principle of which is to recall the drawn character of the figures. The formats correspond to several referents: anthropomorphic, advertising sign, horizon line which recreates a small theater and the assembly game itself.

It is a question of making coexist by rebounds different registers of images, like an x-ray of the work with four hands which composes the duo Hippolyte Hentgen.

Hippolyte Hentgen is interested in drawing for its ability and power to reproduce. Through this primary faculty, the question of the document is also raised, hence the cohabitation in “Tangram” of postcards, museum archives or even extracts from sketchbooks. It is a question of reality and what is its copy, reproduction, image, trace ...

From the light form of the discursive drawing, which appears like taking notes, to the drawings which impose more technical constraints, the question remains the same: how to draw, here and now? What could be a form that conveys a kind of accuracy? What fluidity and what leeway do we have for this activity? What tricks do we have to show to be able to say that we are the authors? How to compete with the industrial and colossal flow of images, archetypes and clichés? So many questions that find possible answers only in the lightness of the juggling and in the abandonment of the game.

Work produced by Zébra3 and produced in its workshops.

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