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Irwin Marchal - The Wind From Nowhere

from February 6 to April 6, 2014 - Vitrine 7 place du Parlement, Bordeaux

Dark and disturbing icebergs, black snow and strong winds, stormy atmosphere in a closed world. The geometric volumes that emerge from the ground compose a dark and mysterious faceted landscape while a myriad of black polystyrene beads and lightning blur visual perception.

In this installation Irwin Marchal plunges us into the hypnotic contemplation of a threatening and sublimated landscape, inviting us to question ourselves on the representations of a tormented nature and more generally on the fascination exerted by climatic catastrophes.

The artist thus summons "the tragedy of the landscape" by drawing his inspiration from common media activity, Ballardian novels or even romantic paintings by Turner and Friedrich. This fantasized vision opens up a reflection on catastrophism, re-examines its meaning, its fatalism as well as its prophetic character.

" Oscillating between painting, sculpture and installation, Irwin Marchal develops a universe of surprising forms, arising from a complex system of references. Interested in astronomy, catastrophes, scientific, military and industrial imagery, the artist produces Strange and inexplicable "sculptures" between geometric abstraction and a nod to architecture. He also offers installations, objects, images whose intrinsic nature seems to produce a potential narration, from their presence a tension emanates that awakens our perplexity and produces a dialectic. Through his work he questions our systems of representation, identification and belief by playing and thwarting archetypal forms but also a collective imagination, provoking a new and disturbing relationship to reality. Scientific or popular references, sometimes precise and coherent, sometimes irrational and ambiguous, the artist shows by his perversion, a desire laughing at going beyond a certain historical formalism. "

Anna frera

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