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Marianne Plo - Summer triangle or the middle drift

from September 4 to October 12, 2014 - Vitrine 7 place du Parlement, Bordeaux

Marianne Plo has a practice closely linked to drawing, which she uses to open us to the world of dreams. Myths and legends are revisited with the greatest freedom to find paths to the real world. If only a tiny gap existed to go from one world to another it could be through the drawings of Marianne Plo. In the window of the Crystal Palace, she invites us through a stained glass painting to immerse yourself in the tropical waters, where the coral is fixed.

A paradise in line and color where you dive into an impossible aqualand of stones and veins.

The Marble Atlantis is an apparition of liquid stone, which flashes like a marine wallpaper. Water - stone - earth in sight, the mineral motif becomes water, the ornamental decorum pitches from one perception to another. The lost city appears in a jar. Let us throw ourselves into the sea to escape the enchantment of the city's sirens!

This exhibition is offered as part of the release of Marianne Plo's monographic catalog La chimie des visions, which will be presented at the opening.

Exhibition scheduled as part of the Metropolitan Summer of the Cub.

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