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Stéphane Thidet - La Belle Etoile , Peri-urban Refuge # 4 - 2012

Executive production - Domaine de La Burthe, Floirac

Creation of the peri-urban refuge # 4 La Belle Etoile , a work / refuge designed by Stéphane Thidet as part of the artistic project of the Periurban Refuges .

"Sleeping under the stars ... This popular expression served as a starting paradox for me to imagine a shelter" specifies the visual artist Stéphane Thidet who has fully integrated the specific environment of the Domaine de la Burthe de Floirac: "Observing the difficulties access to the place, the track of modules to be assembled seemed to me the most possible. Starting from the simple shape of the star in volume, I "uncapped" the central part. So I have the five branches of this star left, more or less reminiscent of the structure of Canadian tents, as well as a central pentagon, open to the sky ”.
A refuge in the form of a camp, of which he intends to turn the central space into a brazier, which “in addition to its thermal and culinary function, will symbolically make this star sparkle in the setting sun”. And if the practical function is largely taken into account in this Beautiful Star, Stéphane Thidet also claims a more poetic, even spiritual or magical dimension: “the relationship to science and magic, whether white or black, has seemed to correspond perfectly with the site that I was able to visit. All this seemed to me conducive to a rich and peaceful sleep… ”.

Reservation for one night (free) on

Access to the refuge : Tram A station Floirac Dravemont

Sleeps: 8 people (4 double beds)

Reservation & booking (free) on

The Peri-Urban Shelters project is a Bruit du frigo initiative, carried out in collaboration with Zébra3. It is supported and financed by Bordeaux Métropole, with the participation of the host municipalities.

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