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Vincent Carlier - HYPERESPACE

July 9 to September 13, 2015 - Vitrine 7 place du Parlement, Bordeaux

Even if hyperspace is still only a narrative process used in science fiction to justify intergalactic journeys by folding space time, it is in quantum physics that we find the springs.

But one of the great problems of quantum physics is to give images to be seen in order to be apprehended. Here, it is with a Venetian blind that Vincent Carlier (1) chooses to partially address the question. By a seemingly simple device, he first invites the viewer to a sensitive experience.

The Place du Parlement is a place for strolling, passing through, taking a break with friends over a drink. Different temporalities coexist there.

We could talk about different time spaces, or draw a parallel with the notion of multiverse (coexistence of multiple universes) by observing the many uses of this piece of public space.

With their different time scales, people pass, cross, walk, run, with varying degrees of attention to their surroundings and to the Crystal Palace showcase. One thing brings them together, however, movement in space.

Thus, it is in this specific contextual awareness that the project finds its correctness, and if we know with Marcel Duchamp that it is the spectator who makes the work, here, it is the spectator's movement in the square that will provoke his sensitive relationship with it.

Vincent Carlier operates here an astonishing superposition, by summoning very distant formal universes. On the one hand, the ordinary domestic banality imposes itself in the window with a Venetian blind.

On the other hand, its silhouette is foiled by an elaborate graphic form, chosen for its visual aspect and without betraying its scientific origin. Resulting from a study on additive interferences between two electrons, wave mechanics (2), is thus found in a showcase, transformed into an optical pattern, and the blind becomes a visual distortion tool, the first step in finding the folds of the time and escape into hyperspace.

( 1) Vincent Carlier is resident artist of the Fabrique Pola

(2) Wave mechanics is the initial form of quantum mechanics

defining the general framework of the behavior of elementary particles,

until it constitutes the basis of modern physics.

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