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The Spaceship - Suzanne Triester - 2018

Installation of metal cladding - Bordeaux (33)

As part of the Garonne artistic commission from Bordeaux Metropole, Suzanne Treister created the triptych "The vessels of Bordeaux": three interdependent monumental creations located in three areas of the metropolitan territory. The London artist explores the use of technologies linked to the city and its history.

The spaceship, a monumental flying saucer overhanging the basin afloat n ° 1 in Bordeaux, is the second work of this triptych.

Métalobil, a design office and production workshop specializing in design engineering in Nantes, entrusted us with part of the installation of the cladding in anodized aluminum sheets riveted to the structure, covering the monumental sculpture of 17 meters in diameter. .

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Design: Suzanne Treister / BOLD
Commissioning / Project management: BOLD
Design / Manufacturing Engineering: Métalobil
Installation: Métalobil / Zébra3 / Balineau
Contracting authority: Bordeaux Métropole

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